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She sat in the darkness, conflicted. It was just a quick glance, but it told her more than she wanted to know. She was no longer the chosen one. She was no longer wanted.

What to do with this information? Should she run? Should she go back out there, resume her duties, and pretend that everything was fine? She felt the weight of the crown on her head. Sighing, she remembered that her decisions were not her own. She had a family – and a kingdom – to please. Her entire life had given her the training, yet when her heart was involved, it was no longer straightforward.

For a moment, heavy footsteps caught her attention in the hallway. She held her breath, waiting for them to pass, praying they didn’t stop in front of the door. Nobody would suspect she had disappeared into this wing… would they?

Thankfully, the steps did not even pause and faded out as the intruder continued down the hallway.

A decision must be made. She couldn’t hide out forever. Running may indicate freedom, but it would also bring loneliness and shame. Pretending might steal her soul, but she would rather have some of him than none at all. With a longing glance through the window, she knew what she had to do. She stood up, straightened her crown, and opened the door.


Audience Selection

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The first rule in writing: Know your audience. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a blog, a thesis paper, a newspaper article, or a speech – you must know what you are writing, and for whom, in order to create an effective puzzle of words.

Who is my audience? I’ve connected my WordPress blog to my Twitter and to my LinkedIn, so perhaps my audience consists of those people who have seen me in 140 characters at a time or have read about my professional accomplishments, but have clicked through to read more. What value can I offer to you?

Go Magic!

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I love basketball and I’m a fan of the Orlando Magic. Tonight, however, I am a bit irritated that the game starts at 8:30 PM and I therefore fight the battle between sleep and staying up to watch one of the last basketball games of the season. If only we had 30 hours in the day, we could fix this predicament!